Ghosts Of Paraguay - All Of Me (2018)

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Ghosts Of Paraguay - All Of Me (2018)

Ghosts Of Paraguay - All Of Me (2018)
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Electronic, Chillstep, Ambient, Future Garage | Label: Self-Released

Born and raised in Britain, David Templeman was just twelve years old when he moved from small village to Rochford, Essex —a move that would forever alter the course of his life. In 1996, while living in Rochford he was introduced to a program called FT2, a basic music production program where he began fusing sample snippets and experimenting in sound construction. David soon began producing under the moniker, “ALTYA” solidifying his interest in electronic music that guided his musical focus; accordingly he crafted many house and trance tracks that followed suit.

Years later, after streamlining his production skills he was still searching for an edgier sound. It wasn’t until the early liquid sounds of Danny Williamson professionally known as LTJ Bukem and his Good Looking imprint that inspired David to shift his sound away from house into drum and bass. He immediately started investing in more studio equipment.

David’s first professional collaboration wasn’t until the crafty age of 18, working on the album entitled, “apasionata” by acclaimed Irish pianist, Alison Hood. The album was forged together as modern remixes of classical songs by commissioning David to utilize his advanced production skills in electronic music.
Now ten years later, David is still continuing in electronic music although his focus has shifted from the dance floor and now produces under “GHOSTS OF PARAGUAY”.

”Ghosts of Paraguay has an enigmatic sound behind each track — each foretelling a mysterious story.” Markus Vieberg Rogue Agency
1. All of Me (04:49)
2. Unknown (04:32)
3. Clarity (04:29)
4. Stay (04:20)
5. Beginnings (feat. T Kai) (04:14)
6. Lay to Rest (05:21)
7. Rough Rider (05:31)
8. Brave (04:28)
9. Serum (04:11)
10. Start Again (feat. Aiden Dullaghan) (03:44)
11. Your Embrace (04:21)
12. Your Love (04:29)




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