José Manclière - Doubout Pou Gadé (2018)

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José Manclière - Doubout Pou Gadé (2018)

José Manclière - Doubout Pou Gadé (2018)
WEB FLAC (tracks) ~ 178.51 Mb | 27:57 | Cover
World Fusion, Jazz Funk, Jazz Fusion, Caribbean | Country: Guadeloupe | Label: Diggersdigest

Co-produced by Pierre-Edouard Decimus, José has cooked a really personal & singular record with amazing experimental composition merging Gwo Ka, Jazz-Funk, Biguine with an early electronic synthetic production. This ultra rare album privately distributed in the West Indies has now reached the Holy Grail status amongst collectors. This is definitely a real masterpiece with deep tunes like Syka a fierce synthetic jazz funk hybrid with incredible clavinet, synth and trumpet solos halfway between Placebo and Fabiano Orchestra. Vini Couté E Tann' is the amazing funky biguine we choose to compile on Kouté Jazz with incredible piano and guitar solo respectively by Patrick Jean Marie & Gilbert Coco. Tipi Fanm', is another wicked tune gwo ka percussion laden jazz tune. Features the Who's Who of modern guadeloupean jazz : Patrick Jean-Marie, Ramon Pirmé, Herbert Lewis, Roger & Gilbert Coco, Germain Cédé, Philippe Dambury and even Pierre-Edouard Decimus on bass.

Track List:
1 – Syka
2 – Marie-Blanche
3 – Doubout Pou Gadé
4 – Willy
5 – Vini Couté E Tann'
6 – Tipi Fanm

Alto Saxophone – Germain Cédé (tracks: B2, B3)
Bass – Jocelyn Otto (tracks: A1 to A3, B2, B3), Pierre-Édouard Décimus (tracks: B1)
Congas, Percussion – Jean-Robert
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Synthesizer – Ramon Pirmé
Flugelhorn – Herbert Lewis (Happy* (tracks: A1 to B1)
Guitar – Gilbert Coco (tracks: B2, B3)
Leader, Drums, Percussion, Electronic Drums [Solo Syndrum], Vocals, Producer – José Mancliere
Piano – Patrick Jean-Marie
Strings – Ramon Pirmé (tracks: A1 to B1)
Synthesizer – Philippe Dambury (tracks: B2)
Tenor Saxophone – Roland Gallas (tracks: B2, B3)
Trumpet, Bugle – Roger Coco (tracks: B2, B3)




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