Kevin Wood - Scenic Listening (2002)

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Kevin Wood - Scenic Listening (2002)

Kevin Wood - Scenic Listening (2002)
mp3 | 256 kbps | 90 mb | 49 min
Genre: New Age | World | Choral Chants | Ambient

Filled with beautiful melodies, tribal grooves, and Gregorian chants, 'Scenic Listening' stimulates your senses with its exotic tone. This album has been a New Age best-seller and is very popular with fans of Deep Forest, Enigma, Enya, Magna Canta and Sacred Spirit. When stimulation of the senses crosses over to evoke another sensation, it is called Synesthesis. 'Scenic Listening' explores this phenomenon with tribal grooves, cross-cultural influences, and soaring melodies. Rich string harmonies and fluid piano conjure vivid images and lush mindscapes.

01. Tribal Hymn
02. Cathedral Echo
03. Mountainside Psalm
04. Continental Chant
05. Cadent Waterfalls
06. Forest Groove
07. Dancing Woodwinds
08. Harmonic Oasis
09. Bluebonnet Sonata
10. Tribal Hymn II



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