LeAnn Rimes - CHANT: The Human & The Holy (2020)

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LeAnn Rimes - CHANT: The Human & The Holy (2020)

LeAnn Rimes - CHANT: The Human & The Holy (2020)
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New Age, Female Vocal | Label: Everle Records, Thirty Tigers

Country hit maker LeAnn Rimes is ready to present her acclaimed voice in a whole new way, announcing a new album of meditations titled CHANT: The Human & The Holy. Set for release on November 20 and featuring 12 soothing tracks, the project will be a bold (but relaxing) change of pace for the “Blue” star. It aims to showcase the power of her country vocal “in a completely new light, channeling wisdom into mantras and messages of hope and remembrance during a time of need.”

Co-written by Rimes and Darrell Brown, the album has reportedly been nearly 10 years in making. Rimes famously became a country star as a teenager but then had a rough time adjusting to the spotlight, and eventually was forced to seek treatment for anxiety and depression at the age of 30. She’s now turning that experience into a way to help others, by using her love of music to transform the prayers and mantras that got her through it into inspirational chants. Each one is a reminder of a listeners’ “inherent worth, belonging and wholeness,” designed as a daily dose of support.

“For those of you who might not be familiar with my journey into this space, for the past 12 months I have been exploring new ways to connect with and utilize my voice,” Rimes writes on Instagram. “I’ve been creating chants to infuse and send out alongside of my @soulofeverle candles and I had no idea how they would be received, or how much you would connect with my new adventures. I felt so inspired by the overwhelming LovE that you sent my way that I knew I wanted to expand upon the clear nod from the universe that I was on to something special.”
1. My Heart (03:14)
2. Be Still and Know (05:13)
3. In the Stillness (07:35)
4. Treasured (03:19)
5. Human/Holy (02:36)
6. The Truth of Love (03:02)
7. What I Cannot Change (Chant) (06:27)
8. With My Hands (04:12)
9. Set Me Free (07:11)
10. Let the Light In (04:21)
11. Christed (03:49)
12. Sing Love into the World (04:13)




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