Sara Colman - Ink on a Pin: A Celebration of Joni Mitchell (2021)

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Sara Colman - Ink on a Pin: A Celebration of Joni Mitchell (2021)

Sara Colman - Ink on a Pin: A Celebration of Joni Mitchell (2021)
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Vocal Jazz | Label: Stoney Lane Records

Sara Colman, the acclaimed UK singer, songwriter and composer, releases Ink On A Pin, her new album celebrating the music of Joni Mitchell, with striking new arrangements and poignant re-workings of seven songs from one of her most significant influences. Following her much-admired 2018 release, What We're Made Of, noted by American critic Ted Gioia as 'worthy of your attention', Colman's latest project amplifles her inventiveness and versatility, as she weaves elements of folk, Americana and jazz into expressive new arrangements of iconic songs drawn from Mitchell's celebrated catalogue. Inspired by her love of classic songwriting and instinctive improvisational energy, Mitchell's work has long had a profound impact on Colman. "My awareness of Joni's unfailing ability to write songs that are uniquely personal and yet universal has deepened as I discover more about what inspired her to write them, as they have inspired countless jazz musicians before me. Often with Joni, in writing about something in her life, she seems to encapsulate the very thing that you yourself are experiencing. Genius."
1. Court and Spark (03:22)
2. Chelsea Morning (03:52)
3. Amelia (07:18)
4. This Flight Tonight (03:47)
5. Down to You (04:12)
6. Woodstock (06:30)
7. My Old Man (05:41)




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