The Exotic Guitars – Indian Love Call (1969) -repost

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The Exotic Guitars – Indian Love Call (1969) -repost

The Exotic Guitars – Indian Love Call (1969) -repost
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Easy Listening, Instrumental, World / Label: Ranwood Records SFL-933.300 / Uploaded, Depositfiles

LP album played by the instrumental group 'The Exotic Guitars', created by idea Ranwood label founder and producer, Randy Wood. In the production line 'easy listening' that marked the fundamental objective of the record, Randy instructed the rock guitarist Alvin W. Casey (Phoenix, 1936-2006) the settlement of current hits and soft guitar recording with this group. He managed to attract a young musical audience follower of that style of music, for which the group recorded over a dozen albums. It's the sound of the guitar from the late 60's with arrangements by a guitarist who was recognized in rockabily and surf music, Al Casey and The Exotic Guitars.
Track list:

1. Indian love call
2. La paloma
3. Battle hymn of the Republic
4. Pearly shells
5. Red roses for a blue lady
6. Sabre dance
7. Vaya con Dios
8. Galveston
9. Green door
10. Petite fleur
11. Trying
12. Moon River

The Exotic Guitars – Indian Love Call (1969) -repost

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